Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Morph concept phone

Morph, a concept cell phone co-developed by Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge, is among the projects featured in "Design and the Elastic Mind," an exhibition of art-meets-technology advances on display through May 12 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Morph is intended to demonstrate how nanotechnology might be used to make mobile devices stretchable, flexible, transparent, and easier to keep clean.

Announced in March of last year, the partnership between Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge is intended to initially focus on nanotechnologty applications. NRC has established a research facility at the university's West Cambridge site and collaborates with several departments, including the school's Nanoscience Center and Electrical Division of the Engineering Department. Although Morph technology likely will be incorporated first in high-end handsets, it eventually will find its way into low-cost mobile phones, Nokia says. source: CNET

AFP: Armed Forces of the President

The armed forces of the President, not the People

The media reported the thousands of outraged citizens who attended the massive gathering in Makati to manifest their outrage against Ms Arroyo and her gang of liars. But there were equally indignant citizens who could not do so because they were not allowed by the hypocritical soldiers.

Entry points to the great gathering of indignant citizens in Makati were blocked by the soldiers and policemen under the orders of their commander in chief. Thousands of Filipinos who wanted to join the angry protest were barred by the Armed Forces for shallow and stupid excuses.

The people were merely intending to add their voices to the indignant outcry against Ms Arroyo, her husband and their children, the blowhards in the Cabinet, the team who abducted Rodolfo Lozada and threatened his life, Mike Defensor who gave him P50,000 and Manuel Gaite who loaned him P500,000 supposedly from their own pockets and out of the goodness of their bleeding hearts.

But the people were denied this constitutional right by the AFP. Filipinos who could not exhibit their identification cards were denied free passage. In another entry point, the road was blocked by a big bus that the soldiers said could not be moved because of engine trouble.

Originally Postd by: Jane Abao of TOPIX