Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hellboy 2

With a signature blend of action, humor and character-based spectacle, the saga of the world's toughest, kitten-loving hero from Hell continues to unfold in "Hellboy 2" Bigger muscle, badder weapons and more ungodly villains arrive in an epic vision of imagination from Oscar-nominated director Guillermo del Toro ("Pan's Labyrinth").

In "Hellboy 2," after an ancient truce existing between humankind and the invisible realm of the fantastic is broken, hell on Earth is ready to erupt. A ruthless leader who treads the world above and the one below defies his bloodline and awakens an unstoppable army of creatures. Now, it's up to the planet's toughest, roughest superhero to battle the merciless dictator and his marauders. He may be red. He may be horned. He may be misunderstood. But when you need the job done right, it's time to call in Hellboy (Ron Perlman).

Along with his expanding team in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development-pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair), aquatic empath Abe (Doug Jones) and protoplasmic mystic Johann-the BPRD will travel between the surface strata and the unseen magical one, where creatures of fantasy become corporeal. And Hellboy, (in "Hellboy 2") a creature of two worlds who's accepted by neither, must choose between the life he knows and an unknown destiny that beckons him.

STARRING: Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Thomas Kretschmann, John Hurt
DIRECTOR: Guillermo del Toro

It is More Than my Thesis

I received yesterday from the registrar's office, the soft copy of pictures for candidates for college graduation, again, for three consecutive years, I'll be the one will make presentations for every graduates, presentations in which, every graduate who will be called to get his/her diploma, his/her picture will appear in the screen, it is not an easy job, considering that, we (including me) are more than 500 candidates for graduation, meaning, I have to make more than 500 presentations also, excluding those for academic excellence awardees and service awardees, 5 days from now will be the start of our graduation practice, God where do i can find more time to make this project? As of now we in my group still working for our thesis documents, and tomorrow, we will be having a test run for our system to our clients, I have no more enough time to make this "project"if I will not make this overnight as what i normally do.Again, I have to make sufferings just to fulfill my responsibility. I know, after my graduation, is another challenges in my life. challenges that I have to face and overcome for the sake of my dreams, as long as there are people who believes in me,and someone who wait for me,everything will gonna be okay.