Tuesday, April 15, 2008

24 Hours Blogging

After my graduation day last March, after those sleepless nights, making flash presentation for our graduation, finalizing our thesis’s system as a programmer of the group, after all those preparations, now I can say that I’m free! I can do whatever I want to, whole day surfing in the Internet, write posts while surfing for a vacant job, even 24 hours blogging I can!

I found a blog site having a title of 24 Hours Blogging, from title alone you can say that this author is very dedicated to blog. The author is from India, and it’s my first time I linked to the blogger outside in the Philippines, I explore the site and I found a lot of interesting topics, the blog is more on the latest news and Hollywood buzz. The design is simple but has an informative contents, latest news about individuals in the movie industry. To the author, Keep up the good work and happy 24 Hours Blogging!

Tech Review (Part 2)

Searching for the best mobiles phones? Try to visit this site; Tech review where you can find a lot about mobile phone reviews, the site is artistically created, every posts about mobile product has a complete reviews, readers can read everything about the mobile product he wants, Teach reviews categorically write posts about mobile products where people wanted to, with complete information written in it, readers can sure and have an idea what’s the best model for him/her. Complete model of the latest mobile in the market will be found in this site. The site’s design with the combination white/blue/black colors is very cool; readers love to read in site, a user-friendly site with very informative contents, surely you can find different ideas.

Tech review site is made by a professional blogger, as you can see in the bottom part, there’s a lot advertisers’ widget, an indication that the authors were consumed more time to make this site become popular.

Karen Walker - Your Abundance Coach

Karen walker, the abundance coach, sharing her life about Success coaching. On her latest post, entitled “You Have Everything You Need” I am so amazed upon reading this. It’s struck me a lot, ‘Everything that comes to you is a tool to help you reach
the next level of growth …‘ Yes indeed it’s true. For 9 long years of my life being a working student, I never give up even in the worst moment in my life, because I believe that this opportunity that came in my life will never come again.

Karen’s blog is very wonderful, it helps you everything you need to make you become a successful individual. The author of this site is very dedicated to her work, a very kind individual, she helps you to the right path, coaches you about your goal, financial planning, your life style, for you success. Honestly, I link this site into mine, so that I can learned a lot of things, I can be guided.