Sunday, March 2, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Released

Windows XP SP3 combines all previously released performance, security, and stability updates. It also provides a limited number of new and enhanced functionalities, although it does not significantly change the Windows XP experience or bring functionality from newer versions of Windows to Windows XP. The goals of Windows XP SP3 are to:
 Provide a new baseline for customers still deploying Windows XP, to help them avoid the inconvenience of applying individual updates.
 Fill gaps in the updates users might have missed by declining individual updates when using Automatic Updates, and to deliver updates not made available through Windows Update.
Windows Vista provides the most advanced security and management capability, but for PCs that cannot be upgraded to Windows Vista right now, Windows XP SP3 ensures these PCs have all available updates and allows these PCs to leverage some new Windows Server 2008 capabilities, such as Network Access Protection (NAP).
For more information about Windows XP SP3, go to Windows XP Service Packs.

Another Busy Sunday

I still have my fever, for four days now, but I have to wake up before 8 am to cater those laboratory users today, and those AVR users in the 4th floor. It is suppose to be my rest day, despite of having fever, today is Sunday, but it is my responsibilities, and no other person is allowed to take charge the computer laboratory specially during weekend, and my responsibilities are my priorities. Being a working student I need to be active most of the time, I won't let anybody to replace me here in my area of responsibility, I know some of my co working student wants my place, because it is very comfortable place. for 3 long years since I was assigned here in the lab, I treat it as my home, sometimes I am not just a student assistant, but sometimes I am become a teacher here, a tour guide and a proctor. I really love my work, it is part of my life.