Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Fruit of my Sweat

Last June 1, I received my first ever salary for the period of May 15-30. I was really happy to have my first salary, although it is a basic salary, which is P3,750.00 it really helps me alot for my daily needs and for my family in our home. Plus, another good news for me, last Saturday I received my honorarium of P5,000.00 from UIC. after then I visited my mother and gave her my money, and paying all her debts.

New Employees' Orientation

This our 2nd day of our orientation as newly hired employees in this institution. Being a computer teacher, I am the one assigned as presentation operator, assist every presenter, and other things I can offer my help. The orientation is not new to my knowledge, in fact, I'm the one who make a powerpoint presentation for our principal for her orientation about the RVM employees professional code of ethics. some other things discuss very well and help myself to familiarize my new adopted environment, our orientation will last until tomorrow afternoon.