Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Funny Post

Whoaaah! just like yesterday my area head was so enjoy upon reading my previous post, it is about penis enlargement, I think he's thinking that I used this kind of solution, but definitely NO! Well, for those who suffer or for those who are lack of 'size' this is for you; a penis enlargement pills that helps your sexual problem, they said that this is a vital solution to man's problem, it is according to them, a 100% successful in doing penis enlargement. hahaha! guys, if you suffer manhood problem, you may try this one. for me, no comment. jejeje!

Ang Pinaka..

Ang pinaka hate nako kanang mag paabot ko ug dugay kaayo nga wala ko makabalo unsa oras maabot, kung maabot ba o naligsan na ba mao wla naka abot.!