Friday, May 2, 2008

Best Thesis Buddies

I grabbed this pic from joy, I want to post it also into my blog as a remembrance of my great thesis buddies, working more than 3 semesters for our thesis is an unforgettable experience, from walking in different streets of Davao, looking for a company for our proposed project, until the time of final printing of documents in front of iced-cold Red Horse Beer, D:

My Blogs' Good and Bad News

Last April 29, google updates, the good news happened was, my other blog, My Music got the PR of 3/10. I never expected it got PR3, I never updated it everyday, although it reach 183 posts since I created it last February and imported my posts from my main blog, I never changed its design nor put it some widgets but still i got PR 3. The bad news main blog which is updated everyday posted 2 to 3 topics everyday, with so many widgets, borloloy, but still got zero rank, since April 14 when its rank down to zero from 1, until now, still zeroooooooooo, that's why I deleted most of the paid to click widgets, I think this is the reason why. Well, I still hope this coming days, i gain back my PR, its so hard to earn money from blog when your blog has zero rank...