Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bohol: A Wonderful Retreat Experience

Last October 24 -30, 2008 another wonderful event happened in my life! It was our Faculty and Staff Retreat held in this beautiful island in Visayas, in Bohol.
Our week- long event in which almost every beautiful places in this island we've been visited.The first day we visited was the Sandugo shrine where, according to the Philippine, it is the place where Datu Sikatuna having blood compact with Meguel Lopez de Legaspi.Next place was the chocolate hills, one the World's 7wonders of nature finalist, we spend an hour picture taking, climbing in a 1000-steps stairs going to the top of the hills, and after we continue our tour to to area of the tarsiers.
We took our lunch in floating restaurant in the Luboc river, one of their tourist attractions.
Next: the 17th century Baclayon church, One thing I admired most about the people of bohol are their faith, their tradition and they love to preserve their history,

There are so many places we visited in Bohol and this will discuss on my next post.