Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bubbles of Thoughts

I’ve browsed jirl’s site earlier and I’ve found a lot of interested topics, the site’s design is simple and clean, the posts are well-organized, it is ideal for readers which is not a 20-20 vision, and everything else, through this blog, I found also different blog’ traffic widgets which gives me the idea how to increase my site’s traffic also. There are a lot of interesting topics in this blog, and I am happy that the owner is also like me, a Filipino, and if I’m not mistake, the blog owner is a girl. When I open this blog, I am so amazed, I discovered different ways how to manage and increase my blog’s traffic. I am happy that many of my countrymen enjoy blogging, just like this one, a certified woman blogger who are just like me, make blogging a daily habit, just like me, I browse Internet everyday to visit my blog, to update, and find different opportunity in the net.