Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Busy Day

Thanks God, I survived! although my voice changed a little bit, I still able to deliver my lesson for the students, as our formal class started last Wednesday, teaching in front of 3rd year and 4th students is not easy! but well, the show must go on, regarding of what lesson I'm going to teach for the 3rd year is not a problem, since they don't experienced yet how to create a web page, this is my first priority before teaching them about graphics applications. What my problem problem is, the 4th year, they did not know how to create a simple webpage, they don't know how to create simple data base, and a simple computer program!. wahhh!!! as the last day of the week, my schedule is full, I only have vacant during recess time and lunch break! plus i have 3 task in my blogs...D: but it's ok, today is is payday! I have to get my 2nd salary! yahoooo!!!!