Friday, October 10, 2008

It is the Day...

Today is the last day of my life as single, Tomorrow will be my greatest dream; to be in the altar with girl who make my life complete... You are all invited!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sporting Needs...

Intramural is fast approaching in our school, and one of the requirements for this are the sports equipment such as balls, net, gloves and other games paraphernalia. Buying for this requirements needs a lot of time, we have to go the sports stores and malls.

But this time, no more worries since buying goes online, and there are a lot of online store for sporting needs, just like the site I’ve recently opened, it offers a thousands of sports equipment available, everything you need is in there. This site revolutionizes online shopping since it can easily be found in search engine.

Buying for sporting need is no longer worries because of this very creative and most easy way of buying our needs, and since it is online, anytime, anywhere we can access and answers our needs, thanks for the great efforts of this most advance technology of shopping.

Count Down...

September 20, 2008, 20 more days to go will the greatest event of my life, hope God will always on my side, to guide me and help me for everything..l.

Business Loans

Are you looking for a business loans company that offers easy Process, Fast Funding, Excellent Service? Then you may try this site; which is offers their valuable costumer, the very best that they can, to make their costumers and clients an easy way to apply for a business loan. Maybe there are a lots of company which offers the same, but they differ in terms of services, costumer satisfaction and security.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blowfish Shoes

My friend refers me to this wonderful site that featuring today's hottest trends; Blowfish Shoes. The site offers all kinds of fashion foot ware both for men and women; they offer a variety of shoes from spunky ballet flat, hip and casual boot, or leisurely athletic slip on and everything!

Blowfish offers different styles, and different trends of foot ware lines, Blowfish Women's Shoes are tremendous and perfectly made for fashioned enthusiast women, with complete lines and styles, every woman will surely love this very creative site. As I browsed their site earlier, its truly amazing, there are lots of designed fashion shoes.

Blowfish Men's Shoes also consist of different styles of shoes for men from the designers of such famous brands as Rocket Dog, Esprit, Sam & Libby, Hippopotamus, Aerosoles, and David Aaron. Different shoes for all ages, shoes that give more attention for men fashions, try to visit their site now discover the beauty of Blowfish Malibu shoes!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Space Gamers Zone

I came home late at night yesterday from my office, after our work I explore the net about online Space Games, I came this wonderful site that features different online space games, from the home page alone you can choose a variety of Online Space Games mostly created in Flash. I played Sword of Orion that lasts 2 hours before I tried other space games. Most of the games in this site where Spaceship Games and it surely catch your attentions, at first I don’t games I going to be played since all of them are wonderful. Aside from space games, there are also a variety of games in different category, such as shooting games, defense games, flying, racing and other varieties that surely entertains you most. How I wish to have a personal computer in our home with an internet connection so that I can play these games anytime, anywhere. Back to the site I featured, I am much appreciated for the people who created this, I can say that the site is wonderful and surely entertains you during your pass time or even in work to avoid stress. Lined up with a variety of games available, every game in this site were created mostly in Flash application, the most popular application for creating games and animation particularly in the web. The graphic is well balance and the background so real. As an Information Technology Professional, I can say that these online games where perfectly created. To those online gamers, I can honestly recommend you to this site; Space gamers zone, you can find everything about online games and it surely entertains you anytime, anywhere. Maybe if I have more time, I will play my favorite online game here. Try to visit this site and you can find every games you want, just click the image and everything will be okay. Have fun!

Byebye to Jopals Music

I found out yesterday that my blog from word press has been suspended. I'm so depressed, knowing that that blog is the most popular among my three blogsite, and it has a pending task of 3, huhuhu! sayang! but it's OK, I know that that blog will not last longer since that came from free domain hosting site. Well, go back to my main blog, and starting today I will post regularly to this blog, actually it has one pending tast with the amount of 20 dollars, maybe my next post will that one.

Monday, August 11, 2008

$8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses + Case

While searching the net for the best eyeglasses for my defective eyes, I found this interesting site which offers a huge product of eyeglasses and frames. This Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni which is operates online is the best answers for my needs, they are now very popular because of their creativity in designing their own products, in fact Zenni Optical was on FOX news! And can be seen online. What I liked most about Zenni was their Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses which is very affordable to everyone like me.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics Starts Today

It is now less than 4 hour to go before Beijing 2008 Olympics Starts. As one of the sports fanatics, I am very happy that I can show now every games i want and the greatest players all over the world will gather. Good luck to my 12 countrymen who will join and bring proud to the country!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Unexpected Payment

Long Time No Post, Jopals Online! due to a very busy work and overloaded subjects handled, I did not touch this main blog of mine for almost a month, actually since my PR lost in blog, I did not post any articles, from then, my attention is on my work and if I have time for blogging, I used it on my other two blogsite which currently have PR3, but earlier, as I open my personal enhance homepage in google, I found out that I received a payment in blog this and amount of $15 wow! I wonder why how I got this payment, then I open the sponsored link, I found out that one advertiser buy this blog for $15. Also, I found out that this blog increase its amount from 40 to 100 UD because it has now rank 3/5 of the sponsored site. I'm so glad that although I did not touch this blog for a month, still I earned from this main blog of mine. Thank you to the one who buy this blog for review.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross (born Christopher Geppert on May 3, 1951) is an American singer-songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. His debut album earned him all of the "Big Four" Grammy Awards in one year, a feat that is yet to be equalled. He also received an Oscar and a Golden Globe relating to his work with music in hit films.

He is best known by most for his Top Ten hit songs, "Sailing", "Ride Like the Wind", and "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)," the latter of which he performed for the film Arthur starring Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli. "Sailing" earned three awards at the 1981 Grammy Awards Ceremony, while "Arthur's Theme" won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1981 (with co-composers Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager and Peter Allen.)

Cross first played with a San Antonio based cover band named Flash before signing a solo contract with Warner Bros. Cross released his self-titled debut album, Christopher Cross in 1979, which garnered him five Grammy Awards. He is the first and only artist to personally receive all of the "Big Four" Grammy Awards (Best Record, Song, Album, and New Artist) in the same year. Although Norah Jones' debut album Come Away with Me and song "Don't Know Why" won the same four awards in 2003, she did not personally receive the Song of the Year Grammy because it is a songwriter's award. Hits from this album included "Sailing", "Ride Like the Wind" (featuring backing vocals by Michael McDonald) and "Never Be the Same".

His second album, Another Page, which came out in 1983, included the hit songs "Think of Laura", "No Time For Talk", and "All Right." "All Right" was used by CBS Sports for its highlights montage following the 1983 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament, won in an upset by North Carolina State, which defeated the University of Houston in the championship game, 54-52. Although Another Page sold respectably, it did not nearly live up to the high expectations set by his debut album.

Cross released his third album Every Turn of the World in 1985. However, the album failed to produce any top 40 hits, and did not sell well. He went on to make three more albums in the 90's and although some of his releases have gained critical response, he has failed to catch the mass audience he once enjoyed. Many think this has been due to his inability to transition to the music video format. Simply said, Cross' on-screen persona did not come across very well in the mid 1980s, when many bands like Duran Duran instead maintained an air of androgynous sexuality for their music videos. After his decline in the mid-1980s, Cross has toured and opened for various acts since the 90's and releasing his second Greatest Hits package in 2002.

Cross completed a new Christmas album and on November 15, 2007, which was released exclusively on iTunes. He is working on a new studio album that is expected to be released in 2008. Today, he does about 100 live performances a year. Cross performed on November 6, 2007 at Flemington Racecourse, singing "Ride Like the Wind" as part of the pre-race entertainment for the 2007 Melbourne Cup.

In recent years, his daughter, Madison has become a singer and actress.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Miss Blogging!

It is almost a week since my last post, I have a lot of work to be done, I need to assembles the new computers we acquired, I have to pass my lesson plan, and today is the deadline of our test questions for the coming exam. I never expected to be this kind of busy, well 11 section to handle is not an easy job.

How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?

I came across to this site while I'm searching for the site that can help me as a reference for my Internet class, it is a kind of game site which calculates our body's value based on the questions given, the questions are very realistic, it talks about our daily health. Try this site and you can also calculates your body's worth. D:
The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Most Expensive Computer in the World

The Japanese government estimates the Earth Simulator cost $400,000,000, making it the most expensive computer ever built. The budget for the Earth Simulator project was authorized for the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) and the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (PNC) in 1997, and NEC Corporation made the winning bid for the Japanese project.

By May 2002, the 640 processor node supercomputer was benchmarked with Linpack as having 35.86 TFlop/s performance. This gave it the top spot on the TOP500 Supercomputer Sites list until 2004 when IBM’s BlueGene/L supercomputer took its place using an architecture that cost less than half as much to implement.

Each processor node in the Earth Simulator contains 8 vector processors running at 500MHz with 16GB of shared memory, and the total main memory in the machine is 10 terabytes. The operating system running on the supercomputer is NEC’s UNIX-based OS called “SUPER-UX” which is used on NEC’s SX Series of supercomputers.

This expensive computer is used for a wide variety of international projects, most of which are related to atmospheric, climate, and oceanographic simulation.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Windows XP Already Phase-out?

A newsletter arrived from my e-mail yesterday, stated the following information:


After months of rumors that Microsoft might rethink its decision to pull the plug on Windows XP, the official word is out: XP is on its way out.

Microsoft is sticking to its plan to cease providing PC makers with XP to preload on new PCs after June 30, as Microsoft is now letting customers know via a letter it has posted to its Windows XP and Windows Vista Web sites.

The June 23 letter, entitled “An Update on the Windows Roadmap,” from Bill Veghte, Senior Vice President, Online Services & Windows Business Group, reiterated that PC makers won’t be getting more copies of Windows XP to load on new machines after June 30, 2008. (There are two exceptions to this rule: “white box” system builders and makers of ultra-low-cost PCs are allowed to continue to preload XP through 2009 and 2010, repectively.)

Microsoft support for XP doesn’t end on June 30; free Microsoft-provided support for XP continues through April 2009. Microsoft “Extended” support — for which users must pay (other than for security-specific hot fixes and various self-help tools, which are free) — lasts through 2014.

There is no new information about the Windows roadmap in Veghte’s letter. Veghte acknowledged that Vista — especially in its initial release — was not an easy Windows release for many customers to swallow. From his letter:

“The architectural changes that improved security and resilience in Windows Vista led to compatibility issues with existing hardware and applications. Many hardware drivers and applications needed to be updated, and while the majority worked well when we launched Windows Vista, some key applications and drivers were not yet available. Since then, Microsoft and its industry partners have been hard at work to address compatibility issues and now the situation is fundamentally different.”

Windows 7 is coming three years after Windows XP’s Vista’s release, Veghte reminded users. (Microsoft officials have been saying lately on the record that the company is shooting for a late 2009 release for Windows 7.)

What’s your take? Should Microsoft have extended XP’s end-of-life date one more time? Or is the company right in not wanting to send mixed messages to the public about whether Vista is really (finally) ready for prime time?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Monthly Exam.

Today we 're having our first monthly exam, I give my 4th year students a 50-point long quiz. My experience in my college life helps me a lot specially during examination, as what we have learned from our instructor sir Exander, I got an idea on how to make a tricky questions, particularly in true or false type D: Hi sir, peace!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (PlayStation 3)

If you've managed to steer clear of the popular Dragon Ball Z anime for this long, you can be forgiven for thinking that Burst Limit is a game best ignored. Nevertheless, you'd be wrong. Though this 3D fighter is full of references for the fans, it's a good game in its own right and can serve as an easy point of entry into the DBZ universe.

Burst Limit goes out of its way to be accessible to newcomers with a thorough tutorial that walks you through all of the controls while introducing you to a handful of the characters that make up the game's roster. The fact that all of the PlayStation 3 controller's face and shoulder buttons have multiple uses can be daunting initially, but there are no complex combos or character-specific special attacks to memorize, and even the craziest-looking moves aren't much more difficult to perform than a straightforward punch to the face. You'll need some semblance of skill to time your attacks and to block those of your opponents, but after spending half an hour with the tutorial, you should have little trouble holding your own in a fight, regardless of which character you choose.

Even spectacular-looking attacks can be performed with a minimum of effort.

Only three combatants are available at the outset, but as you progress through the lengthy Z-Chronicles story mode, you'll unlock the rest of the roster for a total of 21. In Z-Chronicles mode, you get to play through three of the five Japanese Dragon Ball Z sagas, and you experience some of their most memorable battles from the perspectives of both good and evil characters. The Saiyan, Frieza, and Cell sagas as they're told here represent only a tiny fraction of the anime material, but there's generally enough dialog between characters to at least let you know why they're fighting, and that's all you need.

As you play through the 50-plus battles of Z-Chronicles mode for the first time, you'll inevitably unlock most of what Burst Limit has to offer, including a good number of the game's "drama pieces." These brief cutscenes are triggered by events during a fight and invariably benefit the character to which they're relevant in some way. For example, drama pieces can increase one or more of your attributes for a short time, restore some health, or call upon a partner to get you out of trouble. Drama pieces also go a long way toward making Burst Limit feel more like the anime that it's based on by employing quick camera cuts and dramatic close-ups that wouldn't be practical during normal gameplay. By unlocking and subsequently equipping up to three different drama pieces, you can customize a character to suit your play style, and to unlock all of them you need to play through the Z-Chronicles several times. New partners, attacks, and character transformations can also be unlocked in this mode, so you'll probably want to beat it at least once before venturing online to really put your skills to the test.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Students' Characteristics

It is now on my second week of teaching computer and internet subjects for the 3rd and 4th year students here in Holy Cross Academy, as my relationship toward the students is getting better, I can now determined what are their characteristics, even on the first day of our laboratory activities. I am currently teaching 8 sections in this school, 4 for the 3rd year level and also 4 sections for seniors, averaging 45 students per section. During our first meeting,
I presented to them my requirements for the subjects; I am going to teach them how to create a static website using both note pad and Dreamweaver and and graphic application such as fireworks for the third year and Dynamic website, Animation using Flash Application and Simple database using MS Access for the 4th year level. I came out to this Idea after consulted them of what computer software they use during their previous year, After I found out that they are almost the same in response (both 4th year and 3rd year), They are only knew how to use MS office application, even though they have a textbooks for their computer subject but their teacher did not use it. This is one of the reasons why so many parents reacted very much about their computer subjects. Now, they are on the 3rd exercises for their laboratory works, and I can see their faces their interest of this subjects.

Monday, June 16, 2008


As the second week of the classes starts, Our Academic Coordinator reminds me that I have to teach two sections from the second year level. Wtf! another lesson plan reparation come first in my mind. Lesson plan is so easy to do, but if there's a format that needs to be followed, is it very difficult! In our lesson plan format, we have to follow the RVM Pedagogy format, we are the first in all RVM school who use this kind of format. Last night I slept at exactly 12 AM, making preparations for 3rd year and 4th year, and since it is the start day of the week, we have present our lesson plan to our academic coordinator for approval.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Busy Day

Thanks God, I survived! although my voice changed a little bit, I still able to deliver my lesson for the students, as our formal class started last Wednesday, teaching in front of 3rd year and 4th students is not easy! but well, the show must go on, regarding of what lesson I'm going to teach for the 3rd year is not a problem, since they don't experienced yet how to create a web page, this is my first priority before teaching them about graphics applications. What my problem problem is, the 4th year, they did not know how to create a simple webpage, they don't know how to create simple data base, and a simple computer program!. wahhh!!! as the last day of the week, my schedule is full, I only have vacant during recess time and lunch break! plus i have 3 task in my blogs...D: but it's ok, today is is payday! I have to get my 2nd salary! yahoooo!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Records (May 2008)

1st May is a special date in calendar around the globe - known mainly as a worker’s day to celebrate the achievements of the labour movement. As a day of celebration, however, there are many reasons to celebrate all over the world - from Love Day in the Czech Republic to Beltane for Celtic people and Maharashtra Day in India. It is also the celebration day for 9 Christian saints! To honour this extraordinary date, here are some of our favourite records achieved on May Day.

First solo expedition to the North Pole
Naomi Uemura (1941 - 84), the Japanese explorer and mountaineer, became the first person to reach the North Pole in a solo trek across the Arctic sea-ice at 4:45 a.m. GMT on 1 May 1978. He had travelled 725 km (450 miles), setting out on 7 March from Cape Edward, Ellesmere Island in northern Canada.

Heaviest vehicle pulled by hair
The heaviest vehicle to have been pulled by the hair alone over a distance of 30 m (98 ft) is a double-decker bus weighing 7,874 kg (17,359 lb), by Letchemanah Ramasamy (Malaysia) at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire, UK, on 1 May 1999.

Largest cheerleading cheer
A total of 904 cheerleaders performed a cheer in full uniform with pom pom and baton in Voves, France, on 1 May 2007.

Largest collection of teddy bears
The largest collection of teddy bears belongs to Jackie Miley of Hill City, South Dakota, USA, with 5,029 different teddy bears, as of 1 May 2007, which she has been collecting since 2002.

Largest parade of Volkswagen (VW) cars / Longest single-model vehicle parade
A total of 2,728 VW Beetles took part in a parade organised by the Volkswagen Aficionado Club of Brazil on a race track near Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 1 May 1995.

Longest frame in a snooker World Championship match
The longest frame recorded in a snooker World Championship match is 74 minutes in the final match between Peter Ebdon (UK) and Graham Dott (UK) at the Crucible in Sheffield, UK on 1 May 2006.

Longest sari / saree
The record for the longest saree offered to Goddess Padmavathi measured 642.3 m (2,106 ft 10 in) and was achieved by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vasanth Gurudev Shakthipeetadhipath, founder of Sri Parshva Padmavathi Seva Trust in Chennai, India on 1 May 2007.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Day High!

Today marks the first day of classes for school year 2008-2009. It’s my first day of teaching in high school students in a private school. During our flag ceremony, as I looked at all the 3rd year and 4th year students, I feel nervous though excited, I will teach computer and internet subjects in 7 sections which averaging 50 students per class. I know it is not an easy task, my students’ capacity on the fields of information technology after they graduate in high school will be based on what I had taught them. I know it is not an easy job dealing with high school students, all kinds of character can be found, students who are very noisy, “pasaway”, KSP, troublemaker, super genius, etc. I have to be careful, every move I make, regardless of knowledge, I’m confident enough, I already prepared my lessons, the only things I need to them is their attention and focus of this subjects.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Still Alive! Jopal's Online

Although I lost my PR last month, I still I continue my posting in my main blog, I remove all paid to click banners, hoping that I will regain it soon, but i still lucky, I still have my task from different advertisers, just like I posted earlier, it is a solid $10 post. Well, not losing my hope, although it's quiet sometime that I did not have task. Happy blogging! for the benefit of October 11 events :))

The Walker Poker

I featured today the one of the fastest growing poker room in the poker world; the walker poker. You can be amazed of their sites design, features and information and also their services if we talk about the word “poker”. They give best that they can just to make Poker Online a successful one. As I explore their official site, I am amazed their creativity! Full information are available, features, stat of players currently played online, and lots of different offers. One of the best feature found at is their Poker School, which they categorically explained to how to play poker and online poker, complete technical supports and online poker tournaments that everybody can join other online players around the world. Another great features is their Poker Strategy section, where they emphasized these phrase; “When an intelligent and skilled player moves towards playing online poker, he plays on the basis of the information available to him It is necessary for all the players to get acquainted themselves with the basic knowledge of the games of poker along with the limits of betting and the requirements of folding of their cards.” . Explore and experience the online poker games, only at

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pinoy's Pride!

The Philippines entries for the search for the New 7 Wonders of Nature dominates in top 10 among other entries around the globe. the Tubbataha Reef is in rank 3, while the Chocolate Hills in rank 4, Puerto Princesa Subtteranean River National Park in rank 6, and now the Mayon Volcano in rank 10. It is a very wonderful news for every Filipino because these entries brings the honor in our country. Let us continue vote for our nation's pride!

ASUS R700t

The Asus R700t portable navigation system features a slim design and has an integrated traffic receiver. You also get a complimentary subscription to the traffic services, integrated Bluetooth, and 3D building renderings.

While best known for its computer components and motherboards, Asus is branching out to all sorts of consumer electronics, including GPS. The Asus R700t is one of its first portable navigation devices, and we must admit we're pleasantly surprised. The slim device is easy to use and features some great navigation tools that aren't commonly found in other PNDs. For example, the R700t shows 3D building renderings on its maps, and it has an embedded traffic receiver. In addition, you get a free lifetime subscription to the Traffic Message Channel. Given all these great features, we were shocked and ultimately disappointed that the system lacked text-to-speech functionality. If Asus adds this technology and fixes some of the performance glitches we experienced during our test period, the company could compete well in this space. The Asus R700t is available now for $325.

At just 3.1 inches high by 5 inches wide by 3.1 inches high by 0.5 inch deep and weighing 7 ounces, the Asus R700t is one of the slimmest portable navigation systems we've seen in a while--quite a feat considering the number of features that are crammed into the device. On front, there's a 4.3-inch touch screen that shows off 65,000 colors at a 480x272-pixel resolution. The display has a light-sensing technology that will automatically optimize the backlighting for your current environment. During our test drives, we didn't have any problems viewing maps and the touch screen was responsive.

The Asus R700t has an impressive feature list, though there's one omission that perplexes us (more on this later). To start, the R700t is equipped with a SiRFstarIII GPS receiver and comes preloaded with TeleAtlas maps of North America, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Planning a trip can start several ways. You can enter a specific address, coordinates if you know them, select a point of interest, or choose a location from your Favorites or History list.

As far as general performance, the Asus R700t could be sluggish at times, despite having a 400MHz processor. It takes several minutes for the Navigation application to start up, so don't freak out if you don't see anything happening for a while. Also, there were a couple of times where we had to reset the device after the system froze on us. It only happened twice but still, a little cause for worry.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Fruit of my Sweat

Last June 1, I received my first ever salary for the period of May 15-30. I was really happy to have my first salary, although it is a basic salary, which is P3,750.00 it really helps me alot for my daily needs and for my family in our home. Plus, another good news for me, last Saturday I received my honorarium of P5,000.00 from UIC. after then I visited my mother and gave her my money, and paying all her debts.

New Employees' Orientation

This our 2nd day of our orientation as newly hired employees in this institution. Being a computer teacher, I am the one assigned as presentation operator, assist every presenter, and other things I can offer my help. The orientation is not new to my knowledge, in fact, I'm the one who make a powerpoint presentation for our principal for her orientation about the RVM employees professional code of ethics. some other things discuss very well and help myself to familiarize my new adopted environment, our orientation will last until tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Request Approved!

I'm so happy that my proposal for the renovation of computer lab. in the school has been approved by our school principal. Being a comlab in-charge and at the same time teaching computer and internet class for all 3rd and 4th year HS students is my great responsibility how to give a quality education to our students. Currently, our school computer laboratory consisting only of 32 fully functioned computer units, that's after I fixed all the defective parts, knowing that there are 50 students/class, our current units of computers is not enough to cater all the students, and also the current set up, cannot accommodate to add more units. That's is why I make a proposal to change its lay out and also request to add 20 more units of computer to make it 50 units for the class and 2 units for file servers. As our principal review my proposal, she is amazed and approved my proposal. I want to teach my students the best that I can, teaching the latest trends of technology to help them be aware of its impact for them being belong to the modern generation.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Blogging

Just to update my blog, paying 15/h, is a great help for my adsense to make it productive.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Enthusiastic, big and a little clumsy, Po is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around...which doesn't exactly come in handy while working every day in his family's noodle shop. Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Po's dreams become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and studies alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- under the leadership of their guru, Master Shifu. But before they know it, the vengeful and treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung is headed their way, and it's up to Po to defend everyone from the oncoming threat. Can he turn his dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master into reality? Po puts his heart - and his girth - into the task, and the unlikely hero ultimately finds that his greatest weaknesses turn out to be his greatest strengths.

Also Known As:
Master P: Kung Fu Panda
Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release
Logline: When threatened by a gang of snow leopards, the jungle animals call upon an inept panda to become a kung fu master and save the Valley of Peace.
Genres: Animation
Running Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Release Date: June 6th, 2008 (wide)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I received earlier my PIN number form google Adsense. PIN is one of the requirements by google to get your revenue from adsense, now I can claim my adsense revenue if it reach $100. As of now, my adsense revenue is already in $ 87.61 and when it reach $100, I can claim my first adsense income. Another good news is, $1 now is equivalent to P43.82 which means, I can have as much as P4,300++ ! wow! Tips on how to boost your income in adsense; use other computer such as in the internet, click your adsense in your blog, (do not log in to your google account, google will trace you), click every sponsored product in you adsense, use adsense for search rather than adsense for click. I started my adsense last february, and until april, I only get $18.25 but this May, itnow already in $87,61 because of this tricks. D:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Overtime . . . Blogging

I posted here some our pics during blogging session last night at one of the café here in digos. Working hard for our future, D:

Wala lng! ganahan lng ko mag butang ani, jejeje!Ang babae nga maoy dahilan sa akong pag kugi...jejeje!

Who is Japan's richest man?

At $7.8 billion, which Japanese businessman has the country's highest net worth? A gambling kingpin? A Warren Buffet-style investor? A new-economy entrepreneur?

Nope. According to Forbes, it's 80-year-old Hiroshi Yamauchi, former president of Nintendo and the man credited with turning the company from a small-time playing card manufacturer into the video games giant now dominating the console market.

Yamauchi stepped down in 2005 after 55 years at Nintendo, but still owns significant stock in the Japanese company, propelling him to an impressive $2.5 billion in income. Not bad for a retiree, eh? Yamauchi even felt sufficiently secure that he refused a multi-million dollar pension, reportedly stating that the company could put it to better use.

Of course, if we're looking at the comparative wealth of games company execs, Yamauchi has a little way to go before he reaches the top spot: Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft and the world's third richest man, has a net worth almost eight times greater, at $58 billion.

source: yahoo

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nokia Bluetooth Speakers MD-7W

One of the best things about reviewing gadgets is the chance to play with something you've never played with before. This time we're not talking about a particularly groundbreaking technology, but even so it's still pretty cool.

Though we've reviewed quite a few cell phone speakers, all of the models that we've examined have used a wired connection to the phone. So, we now turn our attention to the Nokia Bluetooth Speakers MD-7W. Simple in form and function, the MD-7W speakers are portable, easy to use, and offer decent audio quality to boost. At $179 they won't come cheap, but we couldn't help but like them.

As cell phone speakers go, the MD-7W speakers are on the larger side. Each speaker measures 4.13 inches by 2.6 inches by 2.04 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces. That means they won't slip into your pocket, but you shouldn't have any problem carrying them in a bag or purse. Thanks to magnets in each speaker, you can clasp them together in a single cube for even easier portability. Also, Nokia includes a carrying pouch for added protection.

Setup is beyond easy. The connecting cable is 15.7 inches, so you're given a fair amount of room to separate each speaker. Yet, we noticed that the speakers were the slightest bit wobbly. You can tip them backward with a gentle push so we recommend that you place them on an even surface.

The only controls are on the right side of the right speaker. There's a volume rocker, a power/pairing button, and a control that activates the 3D stereo-widening sound feature. All of the buttons are large and tactile. Below them are a charger port and a 3.5mm audio jack for the included line-in cable. You can use the cable with a non-Bluetooth phone or a Bluetooth phone that doesn't have a stereo A2DP profile.

To pair the speakers with a phone, you'll need to hold down the power button until the light behind the right speaker grille blinks rapidly. We took just a few seconds to connect our Nokia 5300 Xpress Music, and we were ready to go. The light will continue to blink slowly when music when music is playing; it will flash red when you're turning the power off.

When listening to music, you can adjust the volume both on the phone and on the speakers. The stereo-widening feature didn't make a noticeable difference, but it's a nice feature just the same. When using the line-in cable as an antenna, you also can use the speakers to listen to your phone's FM radio.

When testing with our 5300 Xpress Music, sound quality was quite satisfying overall. The audio was a bit bass-deficient, as is common on speakers of this sort, but our tracks were remarkably sharp and clear. What's more, the audio has a lot of warmth and was without any tinny effects. Besides the 5300, the Nokia Bluetooth Speakers MD-7W are compatible with other Nokia phones or most other handsets with a stereo Bluetooth profile. As mentioned earlier, you can use other phones with the speakers, but then you're not really getting your money's worth.

The MD-7W speakers run on four AA batteries (two in each speaker). If you're near an electrical outlet and want to save battery life, you also can power them with the included wall charger. Just be aware that the charger will not power rechargeable batteries that are in the speakers. That would be a nice, though not necessary, feature to have.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Xbox 360)

Serving as the prequel to id Software's legendary Quake II, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is the ultimate online team and objective-based experience, delivering a new depth of multiplayer action to next generation consoles. Set within the epic Quake universe in the year 2065, the game pits the Allied troops of the Global Defense Force (GDF) against a sinister new Axis – the marauding, technologically advanced Strogg - during their initial invasion of Earth.

Brand new to the console environment, gamers choose to play offline or online modes as Human or Strogg in one of five unique character classes. Employing an arsenal of weapons, vehicles and deployable armaments, players engage in an action-packed test of skill and coordinated teamwork through a series of combat objectives. Persistent character growth and achievements reward players for teamwork, while clearly defined mission and class objectives guide new players to meaningful contributions on the battlefield.

Based on the critically-acclaimed PC game developed by Splash Damage, Nerve Software and Underground have collaborated with id Software to optimize Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the console environment (Xbox 360 and PS3), creating an intuitive experience that allows console players of every skill level to jump into a match and make a valuable contribution to the overall mission. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars brings id Software's new MegaTexture graphics technology to consoles for the first time, delivering large outdoor battlefields of unrivaled detail.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanks God It's Friday!

I’m done with my first week of my work in Computer lab In HCAD. And give all my powers just to fix every unit, and luckily, almost 95% of computers are working. And among the 12 system units junk by the previous in-charge, I recovered 8 of them. No works tomorrow and it means, I’m free the whole day long!

Assault Heroes 2 (Xbox 360)

Assault Heroes 2 follows the stereotypical path of the sequel to a tee. The additions read like a veritable checklist of expected upgrades--bigger levels, new vehicles, and different weapons--without implementing any drastic changes that would mess with the tried-and-true game design of the first. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. While people sick of the seemingly endless stream of dual-stick shooters on Xbox Live Arcade still won't find anything here to change their minds, fans of the genre will be happy that developer Wanako Studios improved every aspect of the first game without sacrificing the hardcore appeal. Despite the lack of innovation, this is one of the best shooters on the service, an eminently enjoyable old-school romp. Shooting dinosaurs is always fun.

Once again, the very real threat of alien forces occupying our beloved planet rears its ugly head, and it's up to you (along with a friend) to finally vanquish these vicious imperialists. The story is summed up in a mere paragraph before the start of the first level, but that's all the motivation you need to start shooting. And you'll be doing a lot of shooting. Puzzles, exploration, and anything else that could conceivably stem the flow of bullets has been thankfully left out, leaving you to focus on using unrelenting force to save Earth.

The game excels despite the presence of any jaw-dropping new features because the core mechanics are almost flawless. Aside from a few levels late in the game, the controls are ultraprecise. It's not only possible to navigate the terrain while shooting your enemies with pinpoint accuracy, it's expected. Whereas so many games in this genre are heralding an unforgiving and oftentimes quite cheap difficulty level, AH2 doesn't resort to any trickery to kill you. The bullets stand out strongly against the background, and your maneuverability is never compromised. If you're hit, it's your fault. Even the on-foot missions--a painful thorn in the original game--have been drastically improved here. You can now roll away from attacks. This completely removes the unfair deaths from the original--where it was nigh impossible to avoid enemy fire--and makes the experience far less frustrating.

The most notable new feature is the inclusion of four unique vehicles. While you'll still control the versatile jeep for the vast majority of the game, you can now hijack other vehicles to mix up the action. Don't expect Grand Theft Auto levels of thievery here--instead of forcibly taking the vehicle of your choosing from the enemy, you are limited to unoccupied vehicles with the keys already in the ignition. Unfortunately, though these vehicles do inject a little diversity in the action, they aren't as useful as the standard jeep. The assault chopper is fast but weak, the light walker can regenerate health but is slower than frozen tar, and the medium tank is extremely powerful...but extremely sluggish as well. And though your jeep has four different mounted guns, the extra vehicles are limited to just the standard minigun (though the tank can also use its turret). They are still fun to command in brief bursts, but it's a welcome treat returning to the lovable jeep.

The only major misstep in this sequel is the fourth new vehicle: a spaceship. During certain levels, you'll have to leave your jeep on the ground while you battle enemies in space. Most of these levels are standard Assault Heroes' action that happens to take place above Earth's atmosphere. But for some inexplicable reason, the top-down view is sometimes thrown to the wayside to make way for tedious, behind-the-ship space fights. The tight controls and frustration-free fights that usually make Assault Heroes 2 so enjoyable are forgotten here. Obstacles and ships appear directly in front of you with no chance of dodging them, movement feels erratic, and blowing up enemies just isn't satisfying. This unfortunate design choice only appears in three of the 30 areas, but its taint mars an otherwise solid experience.

The new features may be small, but they do a good job nonetheless of separating the sequel from its predecessor. In addition to the all-purpose minigun, slow-but-powerful flak cannon, and infantry-melting flame thrower, you can now freeze enemies with an ice gun. This little gun actually adds a lot to the action. Though it essentially serves the same function as the flak cannon (you can freeze heavily armored vehicles with ease), it's quite fantastic to freeze flying copters and watch them fall to the earth or make infantry-flavored popsicles and shatter them with your jeep's tires. It's disappointing that only one new weapon is included in your standard arsenal, but its functionality makes up for the lack of variety.

The only other drawback in Assault Heroes 2 is a lack of options. Though you can play cooperatively either locally or across Xbox Live, you can't tinker around with any other modes. The only difference between Co-op Campaign and Co-op Zone Battle is how far you can progress. The former lets you play through the whole game, while the latter limits the experience to one section. An extra mode with a different take on the classic gameplay would have added more value to the product.

Assault Heroes 2 is a great pickup for anyone craving more top-down, co-op action. It may not push the genre to previously unheard of levels and it's a bit short on variety, but Assault Heroes 2 is still a well-designed arcade experience. And if the abrupt end to the first Assault Heroes makes you apprehensive about dropping another $10, don't worry: AH2 is a long game. With 30 areas (the first only had 17), it'll take 10 hours to play through single-player, and then you'll still be ready for another round in co-op.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Everything New

New Place, New Room (Boarding House), New Work, New laboratory, New environment, New people, New companion, Everything is New! As I start my new work, it seems everything is unfamiliar, the laboratory is small, with only 45 working PCs, the area is closed, no transparent glass walls. I remembered and missed ITRZ. But I love this work! It is so challenging for me, teaching 3rd year and 4th year high school students is the first time in life. I have pay 500 /month for my boarding house, I have to cook for my own food. As I wait for the opening of the class, I am excited at the time, nervous.

Quid Pro Quo (2008)

Public Radio investigative reporter Isaac Knott just happens to be confined to a wheel chair. In the course of doing a story about disability wanna-be's, Isaac traverses a surreal world of fetishism and transgressive eroticism that recalls the unique perspectives of Luis Bunuel and Alfred Hitchcock. In the course of Isaac's investigation, he finds Fiona--or she finds him--and she offers him a window into a dark place that exists somewhere between reality and dreams. Her life's aspiration is to be crippled, or at least perceived as such. She's beautiful and successful, yet she longs to be physically destroyed to regain some spiritual transcendence in her life. Her complexity, along with her erotic compulsions, prove irresistible to Isaac. Isaac is drawn to Fiona's dark side because somewhere in the strata of her perversion lies an underlying truth about himself. He is confined to a wheelchair because of an accident. What can he possibly learn about himself from Fiona's desire to be like him? The answer of course is everything.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just for Update

I miss posting! this is my second post since I transferred here in Digos City. though I post paid post on my other blog, still I unable to post here in my main blog. I'm glad my Technorati rank were increased from 4,600,972 last few weeks, today it reach 2,630,922 as a sign of great improvements for my rankings. Happy blogging!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Financial Needs

Yesterday I pawned my N6630 cellphone, as I promise to my mother that I will give P 2000 once I back in Davao, after two days of vacation in our place, I really feel the crisis. Due to financial needs of my family, I have to sacrifice myself; I’ll start my work on Monday and probably my first salary will on June. I really want to have a source of income for my mother, my family and also for my future. I ask some information on my co-worker about payday cash loans in our school where I currently working and she said it will be granted for me after I reach 6 months of working in this institution, actually I can have a cash advance once I start.

I know, not just my family who feel and suffered crisis today, most of the Filipino peoples today suffered economic crisis today due to the arising prices of oil, and other primary needs, particularly in rice. And most Filipinos are unemployed, I’m glad I’m not one of those.

Talking of payday cash loans, there are companies who offered this kind of services, especially the First Class Cash Advance they are here to assist you with all of your cash advance needs.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


All my bags are packed,
I'm ready to go,
I'm standing here
In gate 1,
Goodbye UIC! I'm going home, to the place where I belong, lol!
After 5 years and 3 days of being a working scholar in this University, finishing the degree of Information Technology, now its my time to say GOOD BYE! on May 12, I'll start my work (with pay). Start of my new career, new environment, new faces, people, new attitude, new trials. I gonna miss this place, a lot of things I've learned here. Good bye, co-SA, alumni, mentors, RVM sisters. Good Bye UIC.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It has been 2 weeks since my google PR goes down, my Alexa rank from 1,6333,433 down to 4,200,972, since then I no longer received task from advertisers, damn Mr. G, They are very strict. No more task, no income. Well, like I care, I only create this blog for my personal experience and my daily life. I still love to post anything under the sun. Since I deleted all paid to click widgets, I hope that Mr. G will grant my page rank back.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jesus Image of the Day

Everyday, I received an email from a religious site, it's entitled Jesus Image of the Day. I'm so happy receiving an email like this, because everyday I have my inspiration, everyday I see Jesus in in my monitor. Here are some wonderful pictures of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is based in our daily life. It reminds us that everyday, Jesus is with us always.

Jesus in Jerusalem

Jesus Today

Jesus and a Child

Hold tight in Jesus Christ

Jesus @ 33

Yahoo Teams with McAfee on Secure Search

SAN FRANCISCO - Yahoo Inc. and McAfee Inc. are joining to offer alerts about potentially dangerous Web sites alongside search results generated at

With the new security feature — slated to take effect Tuesday — people who search the Internet using Yahoo will see a red exclamation point and a warning next to links McAfee has identified as serving dangerous downloads or using visitors' e-mail addresses to send out spam.

Dangerous downloads can include "adware," which shows unwanted advertisements; "spyware," which secretly tracks users' keystrokes and other actions; and other malicious programs that can give criminals control over users' computers.

Yahoo and McAfee hope the move will quell users' anxiety about accidentally clicking on malicious links.

"Yahoo users have clearly told us that among the most important concerns for them are all these lurking threats on the Internet," said Priyank Garg, director of product management for Yahoo's search division. "They know the damage they can do but they don't know how to protect themselves."

Yahoo has decided to simply nuke the worst offenders — sites that attempt "drive-by downloads," or trying to automatically install malicious code on visitors' computers by exploiting coding flaws in their Web browsers.

If McAfee has identified a site as having employed such tactics, Yahoo users won't see the link at all.

"When a user gets a set of search results, there's really no indication of who's a good guy and who's a bad guy," said Tim Dowling, vice president of McAfee's Web Security Group. "You're really leaping off a platform of faith that you're clicking on a site that's safe and not one that's bad. And the bad guys really try hard to look good."

The companies declined to reveal the financial terms of the partnership.

The deal represents the latest attempt by Sunnyvale-based Yahoo to lure more search requests, snap out of its recent financial funk and steal advertising dollars from search leader Google Inc. as it tries to justify its rebuff of Microsoft Corp.'s $47.5 billion (€30.72 billion) takeover bid.

Yahoo shares fell 15 percent Monday after Microsoft pulled out of merger talks over the weekend.

After Google, Yahoo operates the second most popular search engine among US users, with 21 percent market share compared to Google's nearly 60 percent, according to data for March, the latest available, from comScore Inc.

The deal gives Santa Clara-based McAfee a way to expose more Internet users to its security software and tempt them to upgrade to premium versions.

McAfee also benefits from teaming with Yahoo because it can use Yahoo's search data to identify sites to examine for security holes and include within its products, McAfee's Dowling said.

The McAfee technology being used on Yahoo's site is a stripped-down version of McAfee's full SiteAdvisor technology that also is available for free directly from McAfee. It uses red, yellow and green icons to label safe and harmful sites. A premium version adds other features.

Billions of sites have harmful content, and the criminal hackers behind them try relentlessly to manipulate search rankings to boost their links and ensnare more victims.

Yahoo's Garg said the company was doing experiments to identify malicious sites and bar them from search results.

But he said "security is not Yahoo's forte" and McAfee's technology gives Yahoo the breadth and depth "many orders of magnitude greater than what we had before." - AP

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Gonna Miss This Place

There's only 3 days left before I will leave this place, as I leave on Thursday, all my things were all set, some of them are already on my bag. I love being here always, my 3 long years of staying here being an student assistant, took a lot of experience. helping students for their projects, help them fixed their troubled PC, teach them some codes, ideas, everything! As my career being a student assistant ends, and facing my future as a professional, this experience will really helps me. My day by day experience here will still be in my heart. I gonna miss this place, being here for 3 years, made me become an expert IT graduate; from software and hardware troubleshooting, computer programming using various programming languages such as, VB, C++, C#,.net, coldfusion, ASP, and also for graphic designing photoshop, fireworks, and photo impact.
As I leave this place, all things I learned from here will always stays in my heart. Wherever I may be, being an SA.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Instant Teacher

Now I slowly feel what's the feeling of being a teacher, the feeling of 'love to teach'. Earlier, while doing my pending jobs, I have been called by Maam Nelia, our Program Secretary to assist the students (It is a Sunday class for SPED students ) because their teacher will be coming late and she's also coming late. It is the first session in the morning which is usually starts exactly @ 8:00 am, 1 hour and 20 minutes later still they didn't come, 35 minutes left before the first session end, maam Nelia arrived. She ask me what are the lesson I taught to the students, I was surprised and said "Ha?! n-nothing! I just let them in inside the laboratory and let them explore anything in the computer," then she said; Nald, teach them Basic Adobe Photoshop, their teacher will not come.

I check the PC and found out that there's no photoshop software installed in it. I suggested her that I will teach them making webpage instead of photoshop since it is easier for them. And then again, i found out that no dreamweaver or frontpage installed in every PC. (wtf). Last 30 minutes remaining for their session, I decided to teach them making webpage using notepad. I teach the basic tags of HTML , some basic formatting of text and background, putting images and lastly, animating texts using marquee. After they run the code, as I look their faces, they were amazed and I told them to back to notepad and put everything they for their first webpage.
I am happy for the result, as I never expected to become an instant teacher, I feel the happiness of being a teacher. Well, maybe it serves me as a dry run for my coming job. As hired as a computer teacher for private high school it really helps me a lot how to deliver, how to them. As I promise myself. I will do everything I can for my new job.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lost Security Code Problem? Let's Solved

I have my N6630 cellphone which I lost my security code for more than 2 years, according to the Nokia Service center, if this kind of phone losses its security code, the only thing to solve it is to upgrade it or to reformat, and P560.00 is hard to find specially for the jobless professional like me. I suffer this problem for more than 2 years since it lost its security code, I can't change other SIM, I can't delete log details, and most of all, it will not accepted in all pawnshops, lol. Yesterday I tried to search the answers for this problem, and thanks God, by the help of the powerful spider of google, I've got the answers. I have the software that can identify the phone's security code. I'm so happy after installing it, after few seconds it tells what are my security code. Now I can change my old SIM, and I can use other network SIM also. I'm glad that technology is always changing, it solves day by day problem. I know I'm not the one having a problem like this, so if you want to retrieve your lost security code, just PM me.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Best Thesis Buddies

I grabbed this pic from joy, I want to post it also into my blog as a remembrance of my great thesis buddies, working more than 3 semesters for our thesis is an unforgettable experience, from walking in different streets of Davao, looking for a company for our proposed project, until the time of final printing of documents in front of iced-cold Red Horse Beer, D:

My Blogs' Good and Bad News

Last April 29, google updates, the good news happened was, my other blog, My Music got the PR of 3/10. I never expected it got PR3, I never updated it everyday, although it reach 183 posts since I created it last February and imported my posts from my main blog, I never changed its design nor put it some widgets but still i got PR 3. The bad news main blog which is updated everyday posted 2 to 3 topics everyday, with so many widgets, borloloy, but still got zero rank, since April 14 when its rank down to zero from 1, until now, still zeroooooooooo, that's why I deleted most of the paid to click widgets, I think this is the reason why. Well, I still hope this coming days, i gain back my PR, its so hard to earn money from blog when your blog has zero rank...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New 7 Wonders of Nature Update: April 30

Our country's entries for New 7 Wonders of Nature are now in top 77.
Currently, Tubbataha Reef is still in rank 8

Chocolate Hills of Bohol is in Rank 9

While The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park is still rising its rank from yesterday's Rank 53 now in rank 41. Let us all support of our country's pride.

Amnesty International Joins Bloggers Unite (Letter From BlogCatalog)

Dear BlogCatalog Members,

We have great news! All eyes will be on Bloggers Unite For Human Rights this May 15th because Amnesty International, a worldwide movement that campaigns for internationally recognized human rights, will be joining, supporting, and drawing attention to participating bloggers — and that could mean you!

In addition to promoting the campaign to its hundreds of thousands of members, Amnesty International is providing BlogCatalog source material for bloggers. Topics range from the wrongful imprisonment of journalist Shi Tao in China to the continuing murder, rape, abduction, and displacement of people in Darfur, Sudan.

You can find some of these resources on our new Amnesty International resource section at Of course, you can write about any human rights topic you want. Some BlogCatalog members may even write about topics that have yet to gain international attention.

You might also be interested to know that Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA has some great things to say about our campaign.

"Amnesty International is thrilled to be a part of Bloggers Unite for Human Rights," he said. "Bloggers Unite for Human Rights is a great way to harness the power of the Internet to fight injustice and make the world a better place."

There are any great human rights organizations all over the world, but if you would like to know something about our Amnesty International, please visit for more information. Currently, Amnesty International is working to stop the abuse of internationally recognized human rights in over 150 countries and territories. The organization won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961.

Thanks so much for your continued support! More and more people are taking notice of your efforts. On behalf of the entire BlogCatalog team, thank you and we look forward to reading your posts on May 15!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jopals Online: Hits 200 Posts

from 2 posts, last year as my blog start in mid-November of 2007, my main blog now hits 200 posts! I really didn't expected It came this far, as I mentioned on my first post, I made this blog just for my personal thoughts. To summarize it, my posts mostly about personal opinion, movies, current events, 32 paid post. Well, even though I lost my PR las week, I still continue blogging, it helps me a lot. Happy blogging!

New Guinness World Record - April 2008

Largest dome igloo

The largest traditional self-supporting domed igloo with an internal diameter of 7.85 m (25 ft 9 in) and an internal height of 4.17 m (13 ft 8 in) was constructed by 72 employees of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick (APEGNB) at the Centennial Park, Grand Falls, Canada, and was completed on 17 February 2008.

Largest tea bag
The largest tea bag was made by Celestial Seasonings Tea weighing 48 kg (106 lb) and was displayed at the Celestial Seasonings Tea Party, Toronto, Canada on 15 December 2007.

Longest journey by car using alternative fuel
The record for longest journey by car using alternative fuel is 38137 km (23697.19 miles) and was achieved by Rainer Zietlow, Florian Hilpert, Falk Gunold, Franz Janusiewicz (all Germany) with a Volkswagen Caddy EcoFuel using natural gas. The journey started in Cologne, Germany on 15 October 2006 and finished in Leipzig, Germany on 13 April 2007.

Most hours of live television by a host in one week
The record for most live hours on TV in a week by a host is held by Monta Mino (Japan) who is the regular host of a total of 11 live-broadcast programs every week. He appears on on TV as host for a combined total of 22 hours and 15 seconds every week.

Most people wearing Groucho Marx glasses
The most people wearing Groucho Marx glasses was 4,077 for an event organized by the Leukemia and Lymphoma society of Springfield, Missouri, United States, on 9 July 2007

Most siblings to reach pension age
The 14 children of Nicholas and Gertruida Van Schie, Oud Ade, (Netherlands) had all reached pension age on 16 May 2005. Their ages ranged from 65 to 83.

Narrowest J-Turn
The narrowest J-Turn was performed in a Renault Twingo, with a difference of 32 cm (1 ft) between the car length 343 cm (11 ft 3 in) and the space between two barriers 375 cm; (12 ft 3 in) by Terry Grant (UK) at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK, on 10 January 2008.

Oldest ballet dancer (male)
The oldest male ballet dancer is Frank Russell Galey (USA) who was born in 7 September 1932 and his latest performance was at the age of 74 in The Nutcracker with Mendocino Ballet, Ukiah, California on 17 December 2006.

Oldest couple to run a marathon
The oldest couple to run a marathon were Shigetsugu Anan (Japan) aged 83 yr 11 days and his wife Miyoko Anan (Japan) 78 yr 71 days at the Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon, Japan on 13 January 2008.

Youngest hole-in-one golfer (female)
The youngest female golfer to score a hole-in-one is Mary Janiga (USA), aged 8 years 211 days at the par 3 5th at Boca Raton Municipal Golf Club, Florida, USA, on 18 November 2005.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Only in Silence - by Abelle

This is a blog that talks about anything under the sun, the moon, the stars - everything! Or even outside the universe. This is the blog of Abelle, The weblog named Only in Silence that started in 2007. Though the blog named Only in Silence but if you explore the whole content, Wow! You cannot keep it silence, you cannot stop laughing specially on the jokes category, A very nice blog, it talks about everything under the sun! funny cartoons, environment, health, parenting and relationship tips and many others. How I wish to have my own domain on my blog, just like this one, where Everything I can post, without the worries of getting zero rank from google. Back to this blog of Abelle, my first impression was, terrific! The site’s design, the contents, everything! You can learn. To the author, more power and continue posting funny posts! And educational post as well.

New 7 Wonders of Nature Update: Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park - Currently Rank 53

Good news my dear countrymen, our entry for the ongoing search for the New 7 wonders of nature, The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, also known as The Underground River is now on rank 53 from yesterday's rank 61, and last week's rank 99. It is an indication that more and more supporters who vote for our country's pride. Main while, our other entry the Tubbataha Reef is currently Rank 8 which is rank 7 from previous days. Please, let us support for our country's entries for this worldwide event.
The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The lower portion of the river is subject to tidal influences. The underground river is reputed to be the world's longest. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water's edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia 2 - May 2008

the enchanted characters of C.S. Lewis's timeless fantasy come to dazzling life again in this second installment of the seven book series, in which the Pevensie siblings - Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy - are magically and mysteriously transported back from World War II England to Narnia, where a thrilling, perilous new adventure and an even greater test of their faith and courage awaits them.

One year after the incredible events of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," the Kings and Queens of Narnia find themselves back in that faraway wondrous realm, only to discover that more than 1300 years have passed in Narnian time. During their absence, the Golden Age of Narnia has become extinct, Narnia has been conquered by the Telmarines and is now under the control of the evil King Miraz, who rules the land without mercy.

The four children will soon meet an intriguing new character: Narnia's rightful heir to the throne, the young Prince Caspian, who has been forced into hiding as his uncle Miraz plots to kill him in order to place his own newborn son on the throne. With the help of the kindly dwarf, a courageous talking mouse named Reepicheep, a badger named Trufflehunter and a Black Dwarf, Nikabrik, the Narnians, led by the mighty knights Peter and Caspian, embark on a remarkable journey to find Aslan, rescue Narnia from Miraz's tyrannical hold, and restore magic and glory to the land.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Upcoming Movie: Iron Man - May 2

Based on the long-running Marvel comic book series, "Iron Man" tells the story of Tony Stark, the enigmatic heir to the Stark Enterprises fortune. A driven inventor and executive who seems to have it all, Tony is haunted by his dark side. Though he commands his empire by day, by night he secretly becomes "Iron Man," the living embodiment of decades of defense spending and innovation. Strapping on billions of dollars worth of state-of-the-art armor and weaponry each night to fight crime, terrorism and corporate espionage, Tony begins to crack under the strain of his fractured lifestyle and must ultimately confront the one enemy he can never beat - himself - "Iron Man."

Son Of Rambow

"Son of Rambow" is an inventive valentine to an era where, for the first time in history, young minds had access to technology that allowed them to create their own stories while paying homage to their larger-than-life heroes from the movies that inspired them.

Will, who isn't allowed to watch TV or go to the movies, expresses himself through his drawings and illustrations until he finds himself caught up in the extraordinary world of Lee Carter, the school terror and crafter of bizarre home movies. Carter exposes Will to a pirated copy of the first Rambo film, "First Blood," which blows his mind wide open. Against his family's orders, his imaginative little brain begins to flower in the world of filmmaking. Will and Lee become popular at school through their films, but when a French exchange student, Didier Revol, arrives on the scene, their unique friendship and precious film are pushed to the breaking point.

"Son Of Rambow" writer and director Garth Jennings utilize a vast array of visual techniques to perfectly capture the moment in time when anything was possible and dreams could be recreated with a home video camera, a few props, and a ton of imagination.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The 7 Wonders of the World

I have here the collection of the New Wonders of the World taken from their official website;

The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá (before 800 A.D.) Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Chichén Itzá, the most famous Mayan temple city, served as the political and economic center of the Mayan civilization. Its various structures - the pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of Chac Mool, the Hall of the Thousand Pillars, and the Playing Field of the Prisoners – can still be seen today and are demonstrative of an extraordinary commitment to architectural space and composition. The pyramid itself was the last, and arguably the greatest, of all Mayan temples.

The Taj Mahal (1630 A.D.) Agra, India

This immense mausoleum was built on the orders of Shah Jahan, the fifth Muslim Mogul emperor, to honor the memory of his beloved late wife. Built out of white marble and standing in formally laid-out walled gardens, the Taj Mahal is regarded as the most perfect jewel of Muslim art in India. The emperor was consequently jailed and, it is said, could then only see the Taj Mahal out of his small cell window.

Petra (9 B.C. - 40 A.D.), Jordan

On the edge of the Arabian Desert, Petra was the glittering capital of the Nabataean empire of King Aretas IV (9 B.C. to 40 A.D.). Masters of water technology, the Nabataeans provided their city with great tunnel constructions and water chambers. A theater, modelled on Greek-Roman prototypes, had space for an audience of 4,000. Today, the Palace Tombs of Petra, with the 42-meter-high Hellenistic temple facade on the El-Deir Monastery, are impressive examples of Middle Eastern culture.

Christ Redeemer (1931) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This statue of Jesus stands some 38 meters tall, atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Designed by Brazilian Heitor da Silva Costa and created by French sculptor Paul Landowski, it is one of the world’s best-known monuments. The statue took five years to construct and was inaugurated on October 12, 1931. It has become a symbol of the city and of the warmth of the Brazilian people, who receive visitors with open arms.

The Roman Colosseum (70 - 82 A.D.) Rome, Italy

This great amphitheater in the centre of Rome was built to give favors to successful legionnaires and to celebrate the glory of the Roman Empire. Its design concept still stands to this very day, and virtually every modern sports stadium some 2,000 years later still bears the irresistible imprint of the Colosseum’s original design. Today, through films and history books, we are even more aware of the cruel fights and games that took place in this arena, all for the joy of the spectators.

The Great Wall of China (220 B.C and 1368 - 1644 A.D.) China

The Great Wall of China was built to link existing fortifications into a united defense system and better keep invading Mongol tribes out of China. It is the largest man-made monument ever to have been built and it is disputed that it is the only one visible from space. Many thousands of people must have given their lives to build this colossal construction.

Machu Picchu (1460-1470), Peru

In the 15th century, the Incan Emperor Pachacútec built a city in the clouds on the mountain known as Machu Picchu ("old mountain"). This extraordinary settlement lies halfway up the Andes Plateau, deep in the Amazon jungle and above the Urubamba River. It was probably abandoned by the Incas because of a smallpox outbreak and, after the Spanish defeated the Incan Empire, the city remained 'lost' for over three centuries. It was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911.