Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lost Security Code Problem? Let's Solved

I have my N6630 cellphone which I lost my security code for more than 2 years, according to the Nokia Service center, if this kind of phone losses its security code, the only thing to solve it is to upgrade it or to reformat, and P560.00 is hard to find specially for the jobless professional like me. I suffer this problem for more than 2 years since it lost its security code, I can't change other SIM, I can't delete log details, and most of all, it will not accepted in all pawnshops, lol. Yesterday I tried to search the answers for this problem, and thanks God, by the help of the powerful spider of google, I've got the answers. I have the software that can identify the phone's security code. I'm so happy after installing it, after few seconds it tells what are my security code. Now I can change my old SIM, and I can use other network SIM also. I'm glad that technology is always changing, it solves day by day problem. I know I'm not the one having a problem like this, so if you want to retrieve your lost security code, just PM me.


joe.young said...

Palz unsaon pagbutang ug eBook sa phone? nagdownload ko ug .lit na file sako fon tpos wala man xa nag-appear. Naa pa ba ko idownload na software or iinstall pra mgwork akong eBook sa phone?

tps naa ka kabaluan na anti virus pra sa phone na pwede sa maski unsa na phone OS? Dli man gud symbian or Windows akong phone OS..

joe.young said...

add pod akong blogs:

todo nani.
I-erase akong yhat na blog sa imo blogroll.kanang xanga gni. patay na na. hihihi..


jopals23 said...

yes joy, mag install ka software,naa ko anti virus dri for all mobile. anhi lng sa skol on or before may 8 kay mag exit nko sa UIC.