Sunday, May 4, 2008

Instant Teacher

Now I slowly feel what's the feeling of being a teacher, the feeling of 'love to teach'. Earlier, while doing my pending jobs, I have been called by Maam Nelia, our Program Secretary to assist the students (It is a Sunday class for SPED students ) because their teacher will be coming late and she's also coming late. It is the first session in the morning which is usually starts exactly @ 8:00 am, 1 hour and 20 minutes later still they didn't come, 35 minutes left before the first session end, maam Nelia arrived. She ask me what are the lesson I taught to the students, I was surprised and said "Ha?! n-nothing! I just let them in inside the laboratory and let them explore anything in the computer," then she said; Nald, teach them Basic Adobe Photoshop, their teacher will not come.

I check the PC and found out that there's no photoshop software installed in it. I suggested her that I will teach them making webpage instead of photoshop since it is easier for them. And then again, i found out that no dreamweaver or frontpage installed in every PC. (wtf). Last 30 minutes remaining for their session, I decided to teach them making webpage using notepad. I teach the basic tags of HTML , some basic formatting of text and background, putting images and lastly, animating texts using marquee. After they run the code, as I look their faces, they were amazed and I told them to back to notepad and put everything they for their first webpage.
I am happy for the result, as I never expected to become an instant teacher, I feel the happiness of being a teacher. Well, maybe it serves me as a dry run for my coming job. As hired as a computer teacher for private high school it really helps me a lot how to deliver, how to them. As I promise myself. I will do everything I can for my new job.

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