Monday, May 5, 2008

I Gonna Miss This Place

There's only 3 days left before I will leave this place, as I leave on Thursday, all my things were all set, some of them are already on my bag. I love being here always, my 3 long years of staying here being an student assistant, took a lot of experience. helping students for their projects, help them fixed their troubled PC, teach them some codes, ideas, everything! As my career being a student assistant ends, and facing my future as a professional, this experience will really helps me. My day by day experience here will still be in my heart. I gonna miss this place, being here for 3 years, made me become an expert IT graduate; from software and hardware troubleshooting, computer programming using various programming languages such as, VB, C++, C#,.net, coldfusion, ASP, and also for graphic designing photoshop, fireworks, and photo impact.
As I leave this place, all things I learned from here will always stays in my heart. Wherever I may be, being an SA.