Monday, August 4, 2008

Unexpected Payment

Long Time No Post, Jopals Online! due to a very busy work and overloaded subjects handled, I did not touch this main blog of mine for almost a month, actually since my PR lost in blog, I did not post any articles, from then, my attention is on my work and if I have time for blogging, I used it on my other two blogsite which currently have PR3, but earlier, as I open my personal enhance homepage in google, I found out that I received a payment in blog this and amount of $15 wow! I wonder why how I got this payment, then I open the sponsored link, I found out that one advertiser buy this blog for $15. Also, I found out that this blog increase its amount from 40 to 100 UD because it has now rank 3/5 of the sponsored site. I'm so glad that although I did not touch this blog for a month, still I earned from this main blog of mine. Thank you to the one who buy this blog for review.