Friday, May 2, 2008

Best Thesis Buddies

I grabbed this pic from joy, I want to post it also into my blog as a remembrance of my great thesis buddies, working more than 3 semesters for our thesis is an unforgettable experience, from walking in different streets of Davao, looking for a company for our proposed project, until the time of final printing of documents in front of iced-cold Red Horse Beer, D:


joe.young said...

nagulat ko sa mga faces. hihihi.. ako diay 2. :D

Congratulations palz.

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jopals23 said...

well, I have PR 3 on my wordpress blog. Same to you joy congratz.. PR: 0 pud wahahaha!

joe.young said...

I hate chu palz..

Didoy said...

dba naa pman mo isa ka kauban? hahahahah

congrats sa inuha!