Thursday, May 29, 2008

Request Approved!

I'm so happy that my proposal for the renovation of computer lab. in the school has been approved by our school principal. Being a comlab in-charge and at the same time teaching computer and internet class for all 3rd and 4th year HS students is my great responsibility how to give a quality education to our students. Currently, our school computer laboratory consisting only of 32 fully functioned computer units, that's after I fixed all the defective parts, knowing that there are 50 students/class, our current units of computers is not enough to cater all the students, and also the current set up, cannot accommodate to add more units. That's is why I make a proposal to change its lay out and also request to add 20 more units of computer to make it 50 units for the class and 2 units for file servers. As our principal review my proposal, she is amazed and approved my proposal. I want to teach my students the best that I can, teaching the latest trends of technology to help them be aware of its impact for them being belong to the modern generation.

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