Thursday, May 22, 2008


I received earlier my PIN number form google Adsense. PIN is one of the requirements by google to get your revenue from adsense, now I can claim my adsense revenue if it reach $100. As of now, my adsense revenue is already in $ 87.61 and when it reach $100, I can claim my first adsense income. Another good news is, $1 now is equivalent to P43.82 which means, I can have as much as P4,300++ ! wow! Tips on how to boost your income in adsense; use other computer such as in the internet, click your adsense in your blog, (do not log in to your google account, google will trace you), click every sponsored product in you adsense, use adsense for search rather than adsense for click. I started my adsense last february, and until april, I only get $18.25 but this May, itnow already in $87,61 because of this tricks. D:

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