Sunday, May 11, 2008

Financial Needs

Yesterday I pawned my N6630 cellphone, as I promise to my mother that I will give P 2000 once I back in Davao, after two days of vacation in our place, I really feel the crisis. Due to financial needs of my family, I have to sacrifice myself; I’ll start my work on Monday and probably my first salary will on June. I really want to have a source of income for my mother, my family and also for my future. I ask some information on my co-worker about payday cash loans in our school where I currently working and she said it will be granted for me after I reach 6 months of working in this institution, actually I can have a cash advance once I start.

I know, not just my family who feel and suffered crisis today, most of the Filipino peoples today suffered economic crisis today due to the arising prices of oil, and other primary needs, particularly in rice. And most Filipinos are unemployed, I’m glad I’m not one of those.

Talking of payday cash loans, there are companies who offered this kind of services, especially the First Class Cash Advance they are here to assist you with all of your cash advance needs.

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Anonymous said...

So I know where you are coming from for sure I'm in the hole deep and their seems to be no way out. Well that is what I was saying a couple months ago. You just need to understand that life is hard and bad thing happen to good people. Everything will smooth out. I know that I got a payday loan when I was in a fix and it really helped me out. You just need to know when you really need one and when you should just wait till payday.