Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Guinness World Record - April 2008

Largest dome igloo

The largest traditional self-supporting domed igloo with an internal diameter of 7.85 m (25 ft 9 in) and an internal height of 4.17 m (13 ft 8 in) was constructed by 72 employees of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick (APEGNB) at the Centennial Park, Grand Falls, Canada, and was completed on 17 February 2008.

Largest tea bag
The largest tea bag was made by Celestial Seasonings Tea weighing 48 kg (106 lb) and was displayed at the Celestial Seasonings Tea Party, Toronto, Canada on 15 December 2007.

Longest journey by car using alternative fuel
The record for longest journey by car using alternative fuel is 38137 km (23697.19 miles) and was achieved by Rainer Zietlow, Florian Hilpert, Falk Gunold, Franz Janusiewicz (all Germany) with a Volkswagen Caddy EcoFuel using natural gas. The journey started in Cologne, Germany on 15 October 2006 and finished in Leipzig, Germany on 13 April 2007.

Most hours of live television by a host in one week
The record for most live hours on TV in a week by a host is held by Monta Mino (Japan) who is the regular host of a total of 11 live-broadcast programs every week. He appears on on TV as host for a combined total of 22 hours and 15 seconds every week.

Most people wearing Groucho Marx glasses
The most people wearing Groucho Marx glasses was 4,077 for an event organized by the Leukemia and Lymphoma society of Springfield, Missouri, United States, on 9 July 2007

Most siblings to reach pension age
The 14 children of Nicholas and Gertruida Van Schie, Oud Ade, (Netherlands) had all reached pension age on 16 May 2005. Their ages ranged from 65 to 83.

Narrowest J-Turn
The narrowest J-Turn was performed in a Renault Twingo, with a difference of 32 cm (1 ft) between the car length 343 cm (11 ft 3 in) and the space between two barriers 375 cm; (12 ft 3 in) by Terry Grant (UK) at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK, on 10 January 2008.

Oldest ballet dancer (male)
The oldest male ballet dancer is Frank Russell Galey (USA) who was born in 7 September 1932 and his latest performance was at the age of 74 in The Nutcracker with Mendocino Ballet, Ukiah, California on 17 December 2006.

Oldest couple to run a marathon
The oldest couple to run a marathon were Shigetsugu Anan (Japan) aged 83 yr 11 days and his wife Miyoko Anan (Japan) 78 yr 71 days at the Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon, Japan on 13 January 2008.

Youngest hole-in-one golfer (female)
The youngest female golfer to score a hole-in-one is Mary Janiga (USA), aged 8 years 211 days at the par 3 5th at Boca Raton Municipal Golf Club, Florida, USA, on 18 November 2005.

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