Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to SOMS!

After 2 months of coding, searching the net for codes, asks somebody with knowledege in programming, consulting for errors and suggestions, this is it now! the SOMS is now already in testing and implementation process.. thanks to my group, for all the contributions, efforts and patience, we are now ready for the Final Thesis!!!.
This is my last post about our system, I know I already mentioned about our system in my previous 2 posts, well I can't post other topics coz my mind and body are always focused on it, working 10 to 12 hours daily, even during bedtime, my mind still working for what other features I can add to it. I know patience always gain success, no matter what, just be patience. Now i can say that "I'm ready to defend it." this my work, this is our work, our hope!


joe.young said...

Nice Palz. You're the best..
(Hindi katulad ng iba dyan hihihi..)

pansinun lng nko na puhon.

kritix said...

Kudos are the best!! the best programmer we could really have!!godbless!

Name: Mary Grace Ignacio said...