Thursday, February 7, 2008

AWS Exam

Early this morning, I am one of the 24 ITE students take the AWS Aptitude Test,It is a 15 -year old IT Company which main office is based in Japan, After further presentation we are given 10 minutes break before the exam officially started.

The Exam categorized into three parts, Part 1 and 2 are Abstract Reasoning and the last part is mathematics. The first part is 40 items and we’re only given 10 minutes to solve, (Wow!) And when the time is up I only answered 27 items, but I’m pretty sure of my answers.
Second part of the exam is 30 items and 15 minutes to solve, and I got those items answered before the time runs out. Also for the third part which is mathematics, though basic but it is a mind boggling questions. Tomorrow we’ll know who’s got pass, and those who will pass the exam will be given another sets of exams and be a part of AWS Company, and have a change to work for Japan. Wow! Japan! But I’m not interested even if I pass the exam. I don’t want to go to other country, I Love to work here in the Philippines. I want to be with my family, my love one. Good luck to those who pass, start studying Nihonngo now, but for me Kirai desu! (I don't like it)

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