Friday, February 22, 2008

The Killing Of John Lennon

"The Killing Of John Lennon" - "The Killing Of John Lennon" is a film examining the mindset of Mark David Chapman, who gunned down John Lennon outside the Dakota in New York 28 years ago. Jonas Ball plays Mark David Chapman. "The Killing of John Lennon," written and directed by Andrew Piddington, was financed by a group of British real estate investors, including Picture Players' Rod Pearson. "The Killing Of John Lennon" was shot over the course of three years in Hawaii, Georgia and NYC, and is a gritty and imagistic look at the mindset of a celebrity stalker. Piddington directed two previous features, "Shuttlecock," starring Alan Bates, and "The Fall," starring Jurgen Prochnow and Craig Sheffer.
STARRING: Jonas Ball, Thomas A. McMahon, Robert C. Kirk, Krisha Fairchild
DIRECTOR: Andrew Piddington

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