Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stupid Emails

Few days ago I've received an email from a certain Anita Adams form Kuwait, it is stated in her letter that she had a husband died 4 years ago and have $2.5 million dollars in bank in which he want to donate it to less fortunate and institutions such as orphanage because her husband is very religious man, she said also in her letter that she had a beast cancer and her doctor told her that she only have 2 month left in her life. She mentioned the name of the lord more than 20 times in her letter. I reply to her letter and said there is so many less fortunate her in our country, then she replied again , full of praises, and promise that she will transfer the money before her time comes, of course I did not believed, after then she send me another letter with transfer credential attached in it. But I did not reply anymore.
Early this morning I received an email from a certain Jennifer Adams, again except the name, the contents is exactly same as what I’ve before from Mrs. Anita Adams. All in the contents, the story and the amount of money. With all the praises in the Lord. I replied right away with this message. “Good Morning, this letter seems familiar with the letter of Mrs. Anita Adams, everything in the contents, pls, pls, pls, if You WANT TO FOOLsomeone DO NOT PUT THE NAME OF THE LORD! 2nd commandment of the biblesay, DO NOT PUT THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN. pls stop this.. it is notfunny at all. You are not making funny works. You are Devil. Then few minutes gone, I’ve received an email from google that my email has been blocked by the user. But I know she read before she blocked me. Stupid people doing this stupid emails.

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