Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easy Insurance

I am searching the net about insurance,a life insurance, heath or car insurance. I want to know what are the benefits if I am having this. Insurance is the transferance of risk. you have a risk..example, you might get sick, you might die, etc. insurance transfer that risk (or rather the financial hardship created by it) from you to the insurance company for a small monthly premium. So for example you might get sick and need a lot of money, worth of medical services...So knowing you could never afford that, you purchase insurance...transferring the risk to the insurance company in exchange for your monthly premium.

If we have someone to always have our backs, then we have to be feel safe, Insurance is here to protect us from all the worst things that could possibly happen to us.

Insurance may categorized into many ways, House Insurance, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, if I have any one of these, I can assure that I have somebody I can lean on in times of crisis. As we live life day by day, we have to make secure of everything that belong to us, through insurance, we can now feel safe and we are guaranteed by our asset. Insurance serve us as “pure protection” that even if we leave in this world, we have something precious remembrance to our loved ones.

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