Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smorty, the Best!

After few months of creating entry to my blogs, my friends and classmates told me to join Smorty so that I can earn money while enjoying my blogs, when I tried to join Smorty, my blog site has been declined by Smorty not once but 5 time, because my blogs has no page rank yet and not enough indexed pages, only when I tried back for the sixth time and thanks God, Smorty finally approved my blog. I am very happy when Smorty approved my blog, I know, Smorty is very generous, as what I’ve noticed from my classmates and friends, they earned a lot from Smorty.

Smorty is website whose service is is connecting advertisers and bloggers, Smorty helps both bloggers and advertisers, Smorty helps advertisers to make their products boost and become popular, at the same time, helps blogger to earn from their posted articles. Get paid to blog, or get paid from blogging are the things that can be remember when you go to Smorty, Smorty is known for blog advertising, When you are with Smorty, Smorty helps you create or make advertise on blogs, create blogs now and join Smorty so that your blog is not just a blog, but blog for money. Smorty helps you a lot whether you are an advertiser, or a blogger.

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