Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7th Year Death Anniversary of My Father

Today April 22, is the 7th year death anniversary of my beloved father, I really missed him. Every year we are commemorating this event in our home, together with my brothers and sister and their own families, we're offering a mass, small salu-salo, videoke (it is our father's favorite) . This is the time were we can have our family reunion. But except for this year, maybe due to financial crisis, and other personal reasons, our eldest brother says he can not go home because of his family's problem, our kuya also is busy with their business. But I accept the reality that, time is always change, unlike before, even though how busy we are, we will still spend time for our father.
I will remember my father always, his good virtues, being generous, kind. I miss you Tatay! wherever you are now, I know you are happy for us, you are happy for me, I offer my success to you.

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