Monday, April 14, 2008

Tech Review

I found another interesting blog site, a blog titled Tech Reviews, which teach you different blogging tips, maybe this blog were made for IT related issues, some interesting posts that I read and amazed were the IT related topics, as an IT graduate, I salute to someone who shares his knowledge especially in the information technology area. The site is cool, lots of interesting topics, such as for mobile, computer parts/hardware and other related topics. Try to explore this site and you too can learn different ideas, sad to say that the author of this blog hides his /her personal information, I explore the site for how many times, explore the whole contents, for me to know the sites overall category, based on the archives, it is more on information technology related topics, cool gadgets, and tips, computer hardware/software, and mobile. To summarized, it is more on IT. Overall performance, Excellent!

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