Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Web 2.0 Directory

Everyday, after my work, after so many hours of setting in front of my monitor, creating, graphic designs, brochures, student ID’s and other works assigned to me, I keep myself busy surfing in the net, updating my blog, browsing others’ blog too, and learned a lot of things from them. Mostly, weblogger are categorized their blog sites as personal, just like mine. But I found a blog site that is very informative; I can say that almost everything you need to know is found in this site. It is named The Web 2.0 Directory, a very nice review site were everything you need to know is here, such as; web based applications and useful site, now you are able to find entire applications that can be run from your browser without installing anything on your PC or simply browse for your next home or holiday destination in the most beautiful places. Search between over than 2,400 different reviews of online operating systems, word processors or spreadsheets, OCR or speech recognition tools, Photo or video albums, karaoke or instant messengers, chats or business applications, credit cards, financial, loans and mortgages sites, real estate or vacation rental sites. Wow! What a nice website! Make of this site your preferred online resource.

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