Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flash 8 tutorial: Mouse Cursor

One of the software I used in my computer is the Flash 8, I taught my 4th HS students 3 to 4 times a week using this software. As of now, I introduce them how to deal with actionscripting, of course, stating from the very basic.

here is one of my lesson I shared to them, how to change the mouse cursor the way they want to.

  1. create a new file in Flash Document. Use any size, set FPS to 24.
  2. a rectangle tool, choose the best color you want.
  3. the subselection tool > click on one of the corner of the rectangle and drag it to the center of the rectangle, make it sure that it looks like a mouse pointer, adjust more if you want, then convert your object to symbol > movie clip
  4. Go to Actions in the property inspector of press F9 so that the Actionscript window will appear
  5. On the actionscript menu, select global function > movie control and use the following code: onClipEvent (load)
  6. try to view your movie, now your cursor was changed but the original is still visible
  7. insert another layer, on frame1 of your new frame write the following code: Mouse.hide(); this code will hide the original mouse cursor.
  8. Test your movie!

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