Friday, November 16, 2007

Target: 80%

As Christmas vacation is approaching, I'm become more busy coding our system in our thesis, a day after tomorrow will be our last checking of our system for this year, a requirements of 70% funcionallity is needed. in order for me to catch up that requirement, I need to take more time, Even during my duty time, I still coding for some pat of our system so that, I can manage to finish the requirements before time will come. I need to finish not just 70% but 80% of our system, so that during christmas vacation, I have enough time to be with my family. As a working student, my time of vacation is very short, I only given 6 days to stay in our home, we're allowing to go home 3 times a year only, that was during Holy week, Sem break and Christmas vacation.
As a system pogrammer, i am given the most crucial part of our thesis, our thesis rely on what will be the outcome of my work. Although some of my classmates says that we're almost done in our system, still I need to consider the realibility and functionality of our system. As of now, I still working on it, I just take a relax and write this blog so that, my mind will refresh, and take a rest sometime...

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