Friday, February 1, 2008

A Wonderful Token

A 4th Nursing student approach me and ask my help to make their powerpoint presentation for their seminar. I as look at the documents she gave to me (in an MSword format), I told her that it will make 100 to 110 slides, and I told her that I'm very busy for my duties and for my thesis, but later on I accepted it, I begin to make the slide in an random hours because I'm really busy for other work speacially the paperworks given to me by my area head (as what I've written in my previous post)

The power point presentation done almost 3 days, and early this morning, the student came to ask me if is it already finish because they will start their seminar at 1pm this day. then I give her the copy and told her what to do first and how to continue slide, if they wish to pause it, it is compose of 108 slides with complete animation, pictures and link for every title of the topic so that it is easy for them to take directly to topic they want to, because, as what I know, thier seminar took 4-5 hours. after then she gives me an envelop and told me to open it after they leave, then minutes gone by, I open the envelop, I found a card with hearts printed in the center, and the title of their seminar, a stick token with white heart at top with silver dust, a big pencil, and P300. wow!
I tried to back to her the P200 beacause i know it is too much, but she refuse to accept it, and she said "kulang pa nga yan sa naitutlong mo sa amin kuya...". As I look back to the tokens she gave me, I realized the value of my work, and my service, honestly, I hate to make a power point presentation for more than 20 slide, it pissed me off specially in applying custom animations for every details. it's a time consuming. A Wonderful Token! It reminds me the value of my works. Not the money but the feelings inside my heart when there's somebody appreaciates me and my works, when somebody respects me, and aknowledge the value of my service.

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