Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Consultant's Point of View

Our consultant's feedback about our system (in our thesis) yesterday, challenge me alot, for his own rating our system just reach only 75% complete, (where for my own rating it is reach up to 98%, hahaha!).

Well, alot of changes to be made, grammar correction, error trapping, settings...(where some of those seems imposible to make..such as changing offense due up 15 days? I cannot do that! days in week is up to 7 only and that's the mechanism I've used how to compute and add days in a particular dates...) Alot of thing to be done,and those things to be done before our pre-defense this coming Feb. 9. I hope that I can be given more vacant time to do this, being a working student and system programmer, time for me needs to be manage correctly and equally.

For our consultant, thank you sir for making me aware and teaching me the nice idea being a system programmer. I keep it as a great challenge for every work, every task I need to accomplished!

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