Monday, February 25, 2008

Arroyo: We all know I am not perfect

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said Sunday she knows she's not perfect but warned her rivals that an attempt to oust her in a "people's power" revolt would damage her country's image and repel foreign investment.

Arroyo's comments came as opposition and left-wing groups prepared to commemorate today a 1986 popular uprising that toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The groups planned to stage protests in 15 cities to demand Arroyo's resignation following a slew of corruption scandals that have rocked her seven-year rule.

Police, troops and tanks assembled in central Manila to ensure security during the protests, amid fresh rumors of a possible coup. Military and police leaders have reiterated their loyalty to the chain of command and warned their men from backing any anti-government activity.excerpt from TOPIX

On my point of view, the president's strategy were pabalik balik lang, remember when in the middle of "Hello Garci" scandal, the president is asking "I am sorry" with all humility? now again, dahil alam nilang namimiligro na naman ang goberno, gumagamit na naman sila ng strategy and maka gain ng sympathy of the people. Kapal talaga ng mukha ng mga ito.

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