Monday, February 25, 2008

Unforgettable Experienced

It was May 8, 2003, 4 days ago before I entered here as a working student in this university. I never thought it was published in a local newspaper, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life...
Monday, September 08, 2003

Ombud suspends ComVal councilman for mauling

A BARANGAY councilman was suspended for three months after he was accused of mauling a man who asked payment for the beer that he and his companions drank last May 8.

Gregorio C. Generale Jr., barangay councilman of Magnaga, Pantukan, Compostela Valley, was ordered suspended based on a decision penned by Graft Investigation Officer 11 Ma. Clarissa M. Muego dated August 14.

The charges stemmed from the complaint filed by Jonald Palma of Barangay Piape, Pantukan.

In his complaint, Palma claimed that last May 8, Generale was assigned as the ticket collector of a disco sponsored by the youth organization in celebration of barangay fiesta.

Around midnight, Generale and some friends allegedly went inside the disco house and allegedly ordered beer amounting to P600, promising to settle the bill later.

When Generale ordered his last beer, Palma asked for the payment but Generale allegedly got angry, prompting Palma to pour a glass of beer at him.

Generale allegedly handcuffed, mauled and dragged Palma, resulting to injuries all over his body.

Generale left the place afterwards, while relatives took Palma to the police station for safety.

In his counter-affidavit, Generale denied mauling and handcuffing Palma. He claimed he did not have a handcuff in his possession, as he is not a police officer.

He said he saw Palma 50 meters away from the place the disco was held, being handcuffed by an unidentified man, as Palma was very drunk.

Palma insisted in his reply-affidavit that the handcuff of the barangay council of Magnaga was in Generale's possesion as certified by the barangay secretary.

Both parties were called to a preliminary conference on July 24, but both parties failed to attend. Both also failed to submit their position papers after the lapse of time prescribed, so the case was submitted for decision on the basis of evidence on record.

After evaluation, the Ombudsman was unconvinced of Generale's position. Palma also reported the incident immediately after it occurred, therefore Palma did not have time to fabricate it.

In fact, Palma had to travel from Magnaga to the Ombudsman Office in Davao City on the morning of May 9 to seek assistance to remove his handcuff and to file the complaint.

Pantukan municipal mayor Jovito D. Derla was directed to enforce Generale's suspension and to show a proof of compliance of the order within ten days upon finality of the decision. RCB

(September 8, 2003 issue)


kritix said...

atik bai??tinuod ni bay??

AlRitch said...

hala, kuyawa ani oi...nahitabo jud ni sa imoha pals. Karon rajud ko kabalita. Kuyawa jud oi, naa jud sa local newspaper. Sikata nimo oi..naunsa naman tong laki? Maayo wla ka gibalikan. Oi, pagbantay-bantay pals..ehehehhehe pero dugay naman kaau pud ni. Isuga pud nimo ani nga higayuna oi, wla jud ka nahadlok moduol kay generale. Astiga oi!

jopals23 said...

@kritix, yup tinuod ni, during 1st year nko sa UIC, sa UM pko nag school,every 2nd tuesday of the month amo hearing, gi atras nlng nmo kay kapoy, 10k nabayad ana sa ako bai.

jopals23 said...

@alritch,, jejeje, gahapon lng gani ko kbalo alms na na news jud diay to, tingod ato na hitabo wla na gud sya na re-elect, mao dli gusto ako mama mag uli ko sa amo. isa ni sa bangungot sa akong life.