Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Insomnia Number 2

Again, for the second day my illness attacking me again, past 11 earlier , I decided to go outside the campus, of course using back door, guard is already fall asleep. I texted my best friend, that I will visit her, she's working in an Internet cafe in toril, a night shiftee. I've arrived at 1:30 am, few minutes later her boyfriend arrived, I know he already knew me, through my best friend. i don't know what happened between their conversation, my best friend suddenly crying, holding her boyfriend, and shouting... few minutes gone my best friend approached me and asked my help to convinced her boy friend that we are really a best friend, nothing more... "What? naselos sa ako imo uyab?

I said to her, wajeje! maypa wala ko ni anhi dili pa mo mag away, uli nko oi..." but I approach to her boy friend and said, tol, best friend lang mi ani uyab nimo, naa pud koy, professional pud! then he said, Wla koy labot... and he grab my bestfriend downstairs. Whoo, nisaka akong jud akong dugo! lami na kaayo sapakon, naa pay dagway, arang- arang pko isa ka ligo an. well being a man raised by good manners and right conduct, plus studying in a catholic school.

I still controlled myself, though my blood are stacking now in my head. I approach him again before leaving, and said, bai, hinay hinay lang, wala koy dautan gihimo, kababata nko na uyab nimo, isa pa, kaslonon nko (atik lang). Then uli nko balik sa davao.
Sayang sayang lang ko plete, hapit pko kakitag away, because of this insomnia! suppose to be ganina ra ko dapat nihagok. I Hope tomorrow wla na ni insomnia nko, but I know since final defense is coming... I'm sure, my mind will not rest...

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