Monday, April 7, 2008


I've been in Digos City early this morning for a job interview, I arrived at exactly 9:40 am and after 15 mins, I was called, It was my turn. it long only for 10 mins and I requested to see the structure of the computer laboratory. few moments of exchanging words, the principal told me that she really accepts me because they really need my services as a computer laboratory In-charge and at the same time a computer teacher, she request me to start as early as I can, but i replied that, I promised our superior in UIC that I will render my service until the last week of May. I was really happy though I doubtful if I can teach better, my students will be all the high school students of that school, but on the other part, I'm comportable enough, based on my knowledge and abilities, I think, I can. I was really happy becasue I have my job now, I have my own source of income. I can help my mother to re open her small sari-sari store. And most of all, I have now a clear income, in preparation for this coming October.

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