Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Journey

Last night I made my final decision on where should I go after staying here in this campus for 5 years. I will accept the job offered to me by the administrator in a school in the other city, for 3 main reasons;
First, I need to find a job as early as I can so that I can help my lovely mother to re open her small sari-sari store in our place. Since among the 5 siblings I am the only one who still single, and my mother has great expectation on me. This the main reason why I pursue my ambition to continue my studies.
Second, my girlfriend is working as a teacher in that school, I no longer spend P200.00 for fare every time I visit her.
The last one is that, we're getting married this coming October, and I need a lot of preparations for that.
This work was offered to me a month before my graduation, but I did not make any decision regarding this, because I thought I can work here in this school, but since I figured it out that it is impossible for to get work here, I made my final decision.
The school administrator also told me to find other one who will teach computer subjects for high school. So, for those who are interested teaching computer subjects for high school with me, just post your comment. (^=^).

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