Sunday, April 13, 2008

Can of Thoughts

If you’re looking for a blog that creatively designed from header until the signature, check this out, a blog site named Can of thought. At first, I thought it was a friendster site, the layout is well designed, well managed and the entire is very artistic, I found out that the owner purchased his or her own domain to run and up the site. Honestly I am interested in the layout, the font color are well balance from the background colors, the contents are also interesting, with different lists of topics, and information. I like the site, honestly, it is a child –friendly design, or shall I say the owner of this blog site mostly likes child. This kind of site truly amazed me, the entire layout were artistically designed from header, its body and the background, I am graphic artist also, but I did not try to customize my own site, unlike this one.

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