Sunday, April 13, 2008


I like posts of Detector, by Ukion, when I browsed the site, I found different ideas, tricks and tips about blogging, computer tips and internet marketing, how to speed up searching and most of all, different tactics how make money online. Wow! I’m amazed, through this blog, I learned a lot of things, such as; how to speed up searching using my firefox browser, also, how to make money online, how to use chitika, and a lot of different topics, truly I am amazed. The site design is also wonderful, a combination of silver. Black and white colors that is cool for viewing, Thanks I found this site, it helps me a lot to deepen my understanding on how to manage my blog and how earn from it, being new in the world of blogging, I need to explore more what are the different tactics, tricks and tips to be a good blogger, this site helps me a lot.

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Ukion said...

Hi. Thank you for write post about my site Detector. in mean time I change domain name. Please, change my URL link in your post to

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